• Wealth Management

    We will show you the most effective ways to accumulate wealth and preserve it. The biggest dangers to your wealth are the failure to keep your financial affairs under regular review, unnecessary taxation and unjustifiably high professional fees. We will develop a strategy to counter these dangers and make sure all your family’s assets are secure. We recommend a variety of investment vehicles including ISAs, pensions and general investment accounts for individuals and companies.

  • Financial Planning for Doctors and Dentists

    A high proportion of our clients are doctors and dentists and we provide specialist advice. This can range from finding a mortgage lender who is sympathetic to doctors career paths to specialist advice about the NHS Pension.  Can you rely on the NHS Pension to deliver on the promises that were made to you on qualification?  Our analysis of the NHS Pension has proved most prescient over the last fifteen years. We do not offer advice on leaving defined benefit (DB) pensions.

  • Insuring Your Assets

    Everywhere we turn, salespeople are thrusting insurance at us.  Which are the insurance policies we should have and which are the ones to avoid?  If you are at the early stages of your career, your family’s biggest asset is likely to be your income and this should be properly insured.  But at the same time you should not waste money on policies of dubious value and everyone’s best protection against the unexpected is to have a family emergency and wealth fund.

  • Wills and Trusts

    Death is a certainty and we all need to make sure that our assets will reach our intended destination. The interests of children need to be protected by a well-drafted will from an experienced firm of solicitors. Older people may want to make sure that their children and grandchildren are the main beneficiaries of their estates rather than the Government. We work closely with our clients legal advisers to achieve the best possible outcome.

  • Retirement Planning and Pensions

    We may all spend up to two or three decades in retirement, without an earned income. It could be a long time so we need to plan it right during our working lives. Are you saving enough? Will the Lifetime Allowance Tax and the Annual Allowance Tax confiscate a large part of your pension pot? Pensions are highly tax-efficient especially if you are a higher-rate taxpayer or your income is likely to be low in retirement, and following the changes introduced in April 2015 they can also provide a very effective succession planning tool.

  • Property and Mortgages

    Is now a good time to buy a house?  When will interest rates go up?  Can I get a mortgage?  Depending on the quality of the advice you receive, you may build up valuable property assets over your lifetime or you may waste tens of thousands of pounds paying interest unnecessarily.  We are here to guide you through a maze of difficult decisions which have implications for your long-term financial security.

  • Tax-planning

    Whilst everyone should pay their fair share of tax, no-one should pay tax unnecessarily.  Everyone should make full use of the allowances that are a available from HMRC to save tax.  Younger people should save into tax-efficient areas. Older people may wish to make sure that their families do not pay Inheritance Tax unnecessarily. We do not put our clients at risk by indulging in aggressive tax-planning schemes.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
— Mark Twain