Our Approach

Unique Financial Advice

The need for financial advice has never been greater as personal assets are increasing but tax rates are rising and the welfare state is being cut back. The clients of Financial Therapeutics benefit from our penetrating and extensive research.

Over the years we have correctly predicted trends such as the cut-backs to the NHS Pension, key movements in interest rates and trends in house prices. We also have a good track record of selecting successful fund managers that have performed very well. We believe that we carry out more research into our changing world than most financial advisory firms of a similar size and this has enabled us to provide a high standard of advice to our clients.

Our philosophy could be described as contrarian – we are naturally suspicious of so-called experts “who huddle around a consensus like tramps around a fire”.

The clients of Financial
Therapeutics benefit from
our penetrating and
extensive research.

Competitive Fees

We aim to keep our fees below the average of most Wealth Managers and Independent Financial Advisers who provide ongoing advice. Our low fees normally include:

  • No or low initial fees for setting up personal investments such as a Stocks and Shares ISA or General Investment Account (most advisers charge 3% of the money invested)
  • No fees for switching funds or increasing ISA/pension contributions
  • No or low fees for making transfers to financial products
  • No fees for initial meetings or annual reviews
  • No additional fees for providing mortgage advice and administration – we are normally paid by the mortgage lender only if the mortgage completes

We are able to charge such low fees and maintain our profitability as the overwhelming majority of our clients have higher than average incomes and we deal with a high volume of clients all over the UK. We keep our running costs down by being paperless and using the most up-to-date technology.

We have no marketing budget as many of our clients recommend their colleagues, relatives and friends to us.

We provide all our clients
with free access to their own website which details
up-to-date information
about their financial

Our High Level Of Service

We aim to review your financial affairs each year no matter where you are in the UK. This is very important as changes to your personal circumstances, working conditions and the global economy will all have implications for your financial planning. We cannot always guarantee that we will visit you in person each year and sometimes we may need to carry out the review on a screen. But we make no additional charge for this annual review.

If you contact us we always aim to get back to you within 24 hours. You can ring us in the evenings or on Sundays and we always try to be available when you need us. You can contact us as many times as you like – we do not make any extra charge.

“All professions are a conspiracy against the public.”
— Adam Smith